"Singing every piece of life to remember the journey."

Ride My Wav Cover.jpg

Ride My Wav (Single)

Sean Carson opens up the summer with "Ride My Wav. If this were a drink its like sweet tea. Nothing to heavy but familiar and keeps you coming back for more. The beat says lets dance like a hint of lemon, and the vocals sweeten the track to taste.


Off The Record (Album)

#OTR is HEAVY. This project is best described as a what started as a compilation of things Carson has wanted to express but has held back but wound up being a statement piece of his character. Wild but tame. Time has a way of building pressure. If this project were a drink it would be a whiskey sour. Hard hitting to taste, yet sweet with a strong presence of lets party. This project is definitely a tornado of emotion.


Dont Let Me Down (Single)

"This started as a letter to my future self. I wanted to leave some words of wisdom and encouragement from the past me to future me reminding myself to keep working and believing in myself and keep working towards my goals, ultimately betting "life" on being fruitful from the things that I have learned in my life experiences up to this point."- Sean