When a seat at a table no longer becomes a desire, build your own. May your four legs be fortified in loyalty, craftsmanship, relentless hard work, and limitless imagination. May your table top be marbled by longevity, sacrifice, non-comformity, and unconditional love of expression.

-Sean Carson


I’m here to create. I’m here to assist. I’m here to thrive.

Born: T’Sean Burton.

Stage: Sean Carson.

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas.

Vocal Procifency since age 7.

Style: Rnb, Soul, Hip-hop, Jazz, freestyle.

Musical Influences: Jamie Foxx, Luther Vandross,

Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson.

Comedic Influences: Martin Lawrence, Red Foxx,

Eddie Murphy, Paul Mooney, Chris Farley.

Diagnosed with ADHD at age 9.

Instruments: Piano, drums, and guitar.

Programs: Protools, Cubase, Logic, Abelton, FLStudio,Final Cut X.

Hobbies: Photography, Basketball, Acting, Screenwriting, Freestyle Singing.

Currently: Los Angeles, California.

Ironic Skills: Pole Vaulting, Long Boarding, Roller Blading

How Can I Help Us Achieve Our Goals?


A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.

- nietzsche