“Get it in while you can. It'll all be gone soon enough.” 
― Hank Moody


Juice (Scene Recreated)

In this scene, Sean Carson portrays Bishop, an on edge murderer who has just fatally shot one of his best friends and seriously injured another. Bishop stops in on "Q", played by Eddie Anderson, to see if he's thinking about ratting out "The Crew". The dialogue is intense, suspenseful and captures the essence of the original scene while introducing a modern twist. Directing and editing credits: Jah Pickett Sound editing credits: Teal Douville


Push (A Jaidai Pickett Film)

Synopsis: Faced with the possibility of unlawfully receiving his 3rd strike JT encounters a dirty FBI agent who blackmails him into setting up an old partner in crime to save himself. Will he succumb to the pressure or will he use his street resources to release the grip?


Dudes Scene

Two stoners sit and talk about a recent break up and how to get over an ex.